Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Diva does ren fest!

And takes it all in stride even in the parade thru the grounds. Such a good girl! She was definitely a crowd favorite too. Here's a bit of video:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Now with VIDEO

My Primary test 1, not our best ride

Marcias Intro C

More Western Dressage

Its been a crazy month since our last dressage show, with a trip out of state and a pleasure show added in between but we made it to another dressage show this last weekend. I hardly had time to practice so I choose to do the same primary test as last time in the percentage ride class and do the only basic one offered . It wasnt the same one we did before and I never even ran through the whole test before our ride time but we made it through. Diva was either tired or sore from the pleasure show so she wasnt quite herself and I came out of the basic class with no major issues but still feeling like we would only place in the bottom of the class. Much to my surprise we ended up 2nd out of something like 8 entries! 2 hours later we had our primary class. I tried to wake her up a bit and that helped some but she did something she never does, she fell out of the lope, twice! Something was off with her. Other than that we did ok but boy were my legs tired from trying to keep her going. Somehow, not sure how, we still ended up with 3rd in an even larger class IIRC. 70.435 for that one and 72.143 for the basic test. Lots of 8s and 8.5s but no nines this time ;) My part boarder also rode her in the morning in 2 intro tests where they placed 4th and 6th. She will get this week off until this weekend we are riding in COSTUME at Renaissance Fest for the first time! Then a couple weeks off after that. Show season is nearly done thank goodness!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Long time no post?

I didnt work on Dressage much over the winter, worked on slowing her western lope instead cause face it I still  prefer western (ducks and runs..) My part boarder has been but I almost made her a convert  when I had her show Diva in w/t western and huntseat classes, where they got a first, second and 4th in large classes. But back to dressage. We did a schooling show about a month back. Lets just call it a comedy of errors from the moment we hit the grounds. From the parking issues to my class time getting changed (and already having passed that time) to some crazy Arab getting loose and running through the show grounds looking for her new boyfriend that we took with from our barn. It was a hot day, she wasnt her usual energetic self at all and neither of is did real well in our class. I was all but ready to quit and stick to pleasure shows.

but then...I found out that USDF bit rules had changed and now snaffles with up to just over an inch port (33 mm IIRC) were now allowed (Id look up the rules again but Im still recovering from yesterdays show and the ridiculous heat we are having). Myler bits in particular are referenced but me being the frugal (aka broke) dressage diva I googled til I found a cheaper facsimilie. Which just happened to be from my fav online tack site sstack.com
Oh what a difference! Even a french link wasnt enough to make her mouth happy but this was just the ticket. I couldnt wait to show again. I thought our next show wasnt til August but I found one, and it was near the barn too! Not only that but they had WESTERN DRESSAGE. Something that Ive been wanting to do since I heard about it. So knowing how hot its been and how tight money is I decided I could only do 3 classes, even that I thought might be pushing it just for me remembering 3 tests! I really wanted to do a Western Basic class before a canter (Primary level) class to get feed back, mostly on proper working jog speed since that wasnt completely clear to me. But I really wanted to try out the new bit so I choose one regular dressage test (intro C). I hadnt ridden C myself but my part boarder did at the prior show.

I ended up with my classes spread out the whole day but in the end I was grateful for the long breaks for both of us to recover. I would have given anything for an awning on my trailer or an easy up tent though!
First up was our Western Dressage Basic 2 test, w/t only. The discussion of how fast a working jog is happened to come up with the WDAA officials there so I had to speed her up a touch, which makes it hard to sit her bouncy-ness and she wasnt as steady as when we go slower. Still, we got the highest score of both Basic 1 and Basic 2 riders with a 67.20%. This was even after they incorectly called me off course when I wasnt (I was the first to ride basic 2 and they apparently didnt notice, ah oops) I didnt get marked down of course but it did kinda rattle me for the rest of the class (remember I had 3 test to memorize).I did not have a chance to watch anyone elses tests btw warming up and cooling down unfortunately.

Our next test was intro C but not for many hours later. At least we had a bit of shade on one side of the trailer for a while cuase it was HOT! We were the last to go for that test and though we went over early to warm up just a bit since we switched gears to regular dressage they were ready for us. That one was in the indoor which at first felt cooler but with no air movement it was rough. We had some issues with canter circles not being as round as our trot ones but overall still highly improved over the last show with a 62.000 and 3rd place (this show was a bit smaller as well but soooo much more friendly!)

Lastly towards the end of the day was our most anticipated test, the western Primary 1. The Lope is our biggest issue in western (going slow enough but no 4 beating here) so I picked the test where we loped in our better direction first just to start her off on the right hoof :) The place was clearing out but a bit of a crowd had gathered including the WDAA reps and I think some boarders of the barn the show was at. I went to the warm up intending to only practice a lope circle or 2 and she wanted nothing to do with it! I thought thats it, shes too hot and tired shes not going to cooperate. So we rode up and stood ringside and watched a couple other rides. I think she saw their booboos and set out to show them ALL how its done because she was AWESOME. Couple little bobbles but I couldnt have been happer with her lope. I did slow her trot a bit which ended up being a huge improvement and resulting in NINES, yes 9s, I never thought Id see one much less multiples! Our score was 76.956 % and again the highest of both primary 1 and 2 riders. I coulda fainted (not just from the heat!) After our test the crowd was all over us asking how shes bred and if I was going to leave her there cause they were sure they could find room. Nope sorry, shes mah supastar!

Yep I think we are hooked! Next show is in August. My part boarder is going to do regular dressage and I will do western otw i would be too many classes (yeah thats the ticket). Hopefully it wont be quite as hot, at least I know theres more shade available at that show! Oh and of course at that show they only are offering one basic and one primary test, and guess what its the opposite of the ones I picked for this show. They are the same except you track left instead of right and do everything flip flopped.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Slim away as a corsette for riding?

If you havent seen the informercial for Slim away yet its basically a neoprine corsette of sorts. Has several zippers (bout 4 inches apart) so you can adjust smaller as needed (hopefully - since its supposed to help you loose weight via sweating, we'll see). They also mention about it being good for back support. One of my biggest issues with riding, hunt mostly, not as much as dressage or western longer stirrups, is leaning forward. Which in turn messes up my leg position. My back does get sore sometimes if I show a lot of classes.

In reading Riding Asides blog about her nice fancy corsette http://ridingaside.blogspot.com/, I thought not only would that help make my show clothes look better (esp western shirts) but it might help me keep straight, stregthen my core and as a bonus tone up a bit (not really counting on that part).

I never order anything off an informercial, esp when so often now you can find the items in the as seen on tv sections at several stores. Well I happened to be in a chain Fabric store looking for iron on patches for Divas poor shredded winter blankets (she REALLY needs to learn to fight back), and look what I found, 10% off even, no shipping, no handling and no extra one for "free" that I dont need. So for less than 10 bucks I thought Id give it a try.

Says it fits 22- 50 inch waists. Im somewhere in the middle of that, yet I am on the second to last zipper. Third to last was far too loose, this one feels snug but helpfull. That means I only have on more zipper smaller, kinda surprised me. My biggest fear was that it would roll up on the top or bottom, especially when seated. Not so far. And its hard to slouch! So I am going to try riding with it and see if it helps any. I can bet its going to be hot in summer but should be worth it. We shall see! Off to do some house work with it on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Year end awards

Had our Arabians Unplugged banquet today and here are our high point awards! Our costume, liberty and dressage classes went into the Judged Misc div where we got a top 5, the other top 5 is for Equitation, Reserve English and Champ halter woohoo! One more hp banquet to go but not til March.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Finally shots of the finished costume in action (on a fuzzy fall coated Arab)
and some shots of her in dressage tack for fun. Going to work on that snaffle alot this winter. Got her a new bridle (not this one) in a trade at our barns tack swap, its nicer leather and finer which is going to look awesome on her head!